Fraternity and Sorority Life

Student leaders, agents for social change, innovators, scholars—these are just a few words to describe the men and women of the fraternity and sorority community at Sonoma State University (SSU). With three councils made up of 20 chapters, Fraternity & Sorority Life is home to nearly 10% of the undergraduate student body. By joining an organization, they are gaining more than just letters on a t-shirt. Rather, students are committing themselves to the pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, and service/philanthropy. By joining a values-based fraternity or sorority at SSU, numerous engagement opportunities will guide the membership experience through key outcomes for personal and professional success. Students should expect to enhance competencies in a developmentally sequenced manner through increased involvement in their own organization, within a governing council, through the full fraternity and sorority life (FSL) community, and in connections across the SSU campus and the surrounding cities.

Sonoma State Fraternity and Sorority Life