Sports Clubs Forms

Completed forms should be turned into the Student Involvement Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.


Once a Year for Everyone

Sport Waiver
1 SSU Waiver and 2 CSU Waivers (1 for practices and 1 for games). You can print it double sided and have all your waivers on one piece of paper. These forms must be filled out by every member BEFORE participation.

Once a Year for Travel

Driver Paperwork
Every driver must complete the following three documents to be eligible to drive for Sport Club purposes.

1. Driver Application
Every driver needs to fill out this form once before being approved to drive.

2. SSU Non-Faculty Form
Every driver needs to fill out a volunteer form before driving.

3. Private Vehicle Usage
Filled out once a year if you are planning on using your vehicle to drive to a Sport Club competition.

Driver Handbook

Bus Vendors List
This is a list of approved bus companies.  If you need a bus for travel, please choose a company from this list.

Incident Report

Emergency Action Plan
Follow this protocol when there is a medical emergency during a home event or during travel.

Vehicle Accident
In a car accident?  Follow this protocol for both personal vehicles and rental vehicles.

Vehicle Accident Report Form
Complete this form and submit to the Campus Life Advisor if you are in a car accident.

Every Time You Travel

Forms must be turned in a week prior to travel.

Trip Request
A request to travel for a competition. A trip request must be turned in with a Transportation Manifest.

Transportation Manifest
Travel plans and roster of who is attending the competition. Must be turned in with the Trip Request.


Sport Club Manual
The Sport Club manual contains all forms, rules and regulations, policies and procedures of Sport Club teams and Sport Club participants. Contact information, fundraising ideas, meeting dates, funding, tier explanations, as well as anything you could possibly want to know about Sonoma State Sport Clubs is in the manual.

Coaches Paperwork

The following forms will need to be completed by all involved parties prior to any payment being made. Submit completed forms to Student Involvement.

Sport Club Coach Contract
Every Coach needs to have a signed contract before coaching the team. Signatures needed: President of the Club, Treasurer of the Club, Coach, and Robert Smith at

Expenditure Voucher

Invoice for Coaches Payment
All coaches contracts need to be turned in with an invoice and voucher to match the payments for the coaches contracts. You can use this invoice template and change it to pay your coach. Please make sure all payments are for the 1st of the month.

204 Form

Additional Forms

Eligibility Form
If you need the registrar to verify eligibility for a regional or national competition, please use this form.

Selling Merchandise at Home Games or Events
If you are selling merchandise at a home game or event, please fill out this form at least 1 week in advance and turn into CES.

Sample Budget
Here is an example Sport Club budget. Please use this if needed for your teams budget.

Hazing Quick Sheet
Information you need to know about hazing.

Concussion Protocol

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
If you or a fellow teammate has had a concussion or a possible concussion, you can use this tool to test them. If they show signs of a concussion, always send them to the DOCTOR!!! They can be seen by their primary physician or the Health Center doctors on campus. When in Doubt, Get Checked Out!

What Athletes Should Know About Concussions
All athletes should read over this material regarding concussions and how to deal with them.

What Coaches Should Know About Concussions
All coaches should read over this material regarding concussions and how to deal with them.