Sports Clubs FAQs

What is a Sports Club?

Sports Clubs provide an alternative to University Sports and intramurals. Basically, find a group of people who love the same sport that you do and play! You can be as competitive or as non-competitive as YOU choose. Everything is student-run, so it's really all up to you!

How do I contact a Sports Club to get more information?

Visit GetInvolved@SSU for more information on your club of interest.

Where is the Sport Club office located?

The Sports Club Office is located in the Student Center on the 2nd Floor.

What are the main differences between Sport Clubs and Athletics?

Sport Clubs are student-run organizations. They practice and compete against college club teams locally, regionally, and nationally. SSU has 12 Sport Club teams who compete in various leagues throughout Northern California. Sonoma State Athletics is an NCAA Division II member and part of the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). SSU has 11 sponsored sports in the CCAA.
Sonoma State athletics got its start in 1964 with the school's first men's basketball team. Through the years, the Seawolves have had much success including national championships in 1990 (women's soccer), 2002 (men's soccer) and 2009 (men's golf).

What are the benefits for being a Sport Club?

The benefits for being in a Sports Club are that the Club gets to reserve a space on campus, they are allowed to apply for funding through the Associated Students, and they get to compete under the Sonoma State University name.

Are there tryouts for Sport Clubs?

Some Sports Clubs do require tryouts. For more competitive sports there are usually tryouts because there are only a certain number of players allowed on the court/field. For sports without maximum number requirements there usually aren't tryouts. The best way to find out is to contact the club officer.

How do I join a Sports Club?

To join a Sports Club, contact the President from the club of interest. You can get this information by visiting SonomaSync.

How do I start my own Sports Club?

You can go to the Campus Life Clubs website or contact:
Rob Smith 
Campus Life Advisor 
(707) 664-3949

Are there any mandatory meetings?

Each month, each team will need to meet with the Campus Life Advisor.  Also, there are required President/Treasurer Meetings and Safety Officer Meetings at the beginning of the year.