Food Policy for Clubs/Organizations

Food Policy for Clubs/Organizations

For food and beverage policies including food vendor and usage, food-related policies and forms, and student club organization opportunities, please visit the Food and Beverage Policies webpage. 

Catering on Campus

SSU Culinary Services is proud to be the on-campus source for any catering or food service needs. 

Available for:

All types of events hosted by campus departments, student organizations, and external organization clients.

Planning requirements:

Event planners should contact Conference & Event Services for assistance with coordinating catered services.

  • Catered services need to be finalized 14 days prior to the event
  • Pack and Dine services need to be ordered 3 business days prior to the event

Additional information: 

Approved Food Vendor

Campus Departments and Chartered Student Organizations are allowed to use Food Vendors who have been approved and vetted by Sonoma State University. See Approved Food Vendors for a current list. 


A potluck is defined as an event in which participants bring food to be shared with other participants.

Available for:

Campus departments and chartered student organizations.

Event restrictions:

  • Potlucks must be classified as Private Events as defined in section II.L. of the Food Service and Sales policy
  • Food may not be sold to the public or given away free to the public.
  • A large sign (easily visible) must be posted in the area where the potluck is taking place indicating that it is a “Closed Event” or “Private Event” and not open to the public.
Student Food Sales

In order to raise funds in support of their programs and/or to provide food as an integral part of an organization's charter, an official student organization (in good standing) may be granted approval to sell or dispense food on campus on no more than one occurrence per month.

Available for:

Official student organizations in good standing

Event Restrictions:

  • Food sales are limited to Low Hazard Foods as defined in section II.B. of the Food Service and Sales Policy. 
  • Food distributed or sold must be in compliance with any agreements between Sonoma State University, or its designee, and contracted businesses.
  • No unpackaged foods that have been served to any person or returned from any eating area shall be served again or used in the preparation of other food.
  • Sales are permitted on an occasional basis to support fundraising for student organizations. “Routine” or “frequently occurring sales”, especially of food products, is not permitted. This includes coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, and refrigerated items.

Planning requirements:

  • Groups must follow established space reservation procedures.
  • Sales are permitted in any reservable location at any time.
  • Student groups must contact the Student Activities Desk on the second floor of the Student Center to get information regarding cash handling rules and regulations before engaging in food sales.

Approved locations and procedures:

Food sales in conjunction with a University-approved student event shall be located in areas, during periods of time and following the procedures designated by the University.

Approved Locations - Any reservable, non-food service location.

Approved Times - Any reservable time.

Additional information:

Selling Items on Campus

All chartered clubs/organizations that wish to sell items on campus for their club/organization must complete the sales and solicitation form. This form takes about 2 weeks to complete so make sure to plan ahead. This form can be found by emailing or coming to the 2nd Floor of the Student Center and speaking with a professional staff member about what you are planning to sell.

Cash Handling

All clubs and organizations are encouraged to practice safe cash handling procedures. The Associated Students has cash boxes for clubs/organizations to check out at the front desk, please use this service for your cash handling.