Food Policy for Clubs/Organizations

Food Policy for Clubs/Organizations

Make sure to be knowledgeable about the food policy available for clubs/organizations as you plan for your next event on campus of what is or is not allowed on campus

Catering on Campus

On-campus catering is always available for clubs/organizations to use for their catering needs. In addition, clubs and organizations are also allowed to use the following list of Approved Food Vendors.


Clubs/organizations are allowed to have potlucks on campus. A potluck is defined as in-club members bring in food to share with other members. If outside members attend a club meeting, then it will not be considered a potluck anymore and clubs/organizations should consider using one of the catering options available.

Student Food Sales

Clubs/Organizations that wish to sell items on campus should make sure to knowledgeable about what items can or cannot be sold. If a club/organization wishes to sell food on campus, the items must be prepackaged and individually wrapped. Please seek the policy for further details.

Selling Items on Campus

All chartered clubs/organizations that wish to sell items on campus for their club/organization must complete the sales and solicitation form. This form takes about 2 weeks to complete so make sure to plan ahead. This form can be found by emailing or coming to the 2nd Floor of the Student Center and speaking with a professional staff member about what you are planning to sell.

Cash Handling

All clubs and organizations are encouraged to practice safe cash handling procedures. The Associated Students has cash boxes for clubs/organizations to check out at the front desk, please use this service for your cash handling.