Virtual Student Organization Engagement Frequently Asked Questions

Can we host in person meetings this semester?

Given the state of affairs regarding COVID-19 in the state, county, and campus, Student Involvement, along with other campus leadership, has decided that we will not be supporting/permitting any in-person events, on or off-campus, for Spring 2021. Determinations for Fall 2021 events will be made based on conditions at that time. 

If things get "better" will this change?

We know it sucks and we are sure you are brainstorming all kinds of ways that you can connect in person, but we really need you all to take a pause, work on your virtual connections for the fall, and we are here to help. We also really need you to think in terms of thyself and myself at this time. Every county will be different, and will expand and contract activities as is necessary to make sure everyone is safe for that region. Some counties have stay at home orders, some are open and some are closed. We cannot make decisions based on one county, one-person sports, or you wanting badly to do your formal/training/practices. In order for this to be safe, we need to wait this out and pivot a little for this semester. At this time, no decisions have been made for Fall 2021.

Banking: what will we be able to do this fall?

Associated Students (AS) is going to work with us to offer plans for purchasing equipment, equipment storage, payments/rentals, and club logoed clothing. AS will also work with the advisors to take in dues, fundraising monies and hold those funds in your account. If there is a safe, virtual, or conference that you want to participate in or provide for your members, and it requires fees from your accounts, your Student Involvement Advisor will work with you on this request for funds. Please note that participation in any in-person activity will require University approval and a review to make sure it is safe for your members.

Banking: what will we not be able to do?

The CSU system has instituted a non-essential travel ban through Summer 2021, which applies to clubs/organizations. In light of this travel ban, we will not be providing insurance or payment for hotels, formals, coach's fees, practice space, or rental cars/buses for trips, etc.

What If we received a Grant from Associated Students?

Any AS grants for transportation or in-person conference fees, will be revised. Watch for more information. 

Will you be funding any spaces for people to meet in-person?

No, given that every county will be different, and will permit or restrict activities as is necessary to make sure everyone is safe for that county. Some counties have stay at home orders, some are “open” and some are “closed.” We cannot make decisions based on one county, or one-person sports, or you wanting badly to do your formal. In order for this to be safe, we need to wait this out and pivot a little for this semester. 

Will we be able to do any room/field/space reservations?

Campus events have been canceled through the Spring 2021 semester at this point. This includes all campus buildings, spaces, pools, fields, gyms, etc. When a decision is made as to how reservations for Fall 2021 will be evaluated, your advisors will let you know.

Will Sport Clubs have insurance coverage?

We are looking into whether or not the CSU or campus would be requiring us to keep insurance for sports clubs and local organizations. Since there are no situations that we will approve sports club activities, we may not need it. We are still looking into CSU’s expectations. We do know, however, that even if we have insurance coverage, it will not cover virtual training as coaches will not be present in-person to monitor trainings.

What are ways that Student Involvement can help us this fall?

●  Provide high-quality advisors to guide you and answer questions

●  We have created a virtual meeting management guide that will be housed in the resource section of our Student Involvement website, as well as on Engage@SSU

● We are in the process of updating all ENGAGE@SSU pages, as well as our website as this will be the space students go to for information about Getting Involved

● We have created a virtual club fair for incoming first-year students through our Summer Orientation and Summer Bridge programs

● We will create virtual opportunities for you all to connect with new and returning students

● Hold individual time/space with each Recognized Student Organization leadership team to brainstorm ideas and ways to recruit members, conduct meetings, get business done, and have fun etc.

● We will continue to help you do fundraising, banking, and preparing for the Fall 2021 semester.

● We will help to promote all of the virtual campus events, speakers, awareness months, fun stuff, and more to you all, so you can hang out with your organization members in other ways too!

● We will continue to communicate with our colleagues at other campuses to "borrow" their great ideas and research virtual opportunities across the country

● We will only be an email or zoom room away:)