Virtual Student Organization Engagement FAQs

Can we host events on campus?

Yes, absolutely! We can do both indoor and outdoor events. We just have to make sure we are following university guidelines. 

For most up-to-date information about campus events and forms needed, please visit the Conference & Event Services student website, as well as talk to your Student Involvement Advisor.

Banking: what will we be able to do this spring?

Associated Students (AS) is working with us to offer plans for purchasing equipment, equipment storage, payments/rentals, and clothing with logos. AS is also working with club leadership to take in dues, fundraising monies and hold those funds in your account. If there is a safe, virtual, or in-person conference that you want to participate in or provide for your members, and it requires fees from your accounts, your Student Involvement Advisor will work with you on this request for funds. We are here to help as we transition everyone back to campus. Let us know how we can best serve you. 

Will we be able to do any room/field/space reservations?

We are excited to welcome you all back to mostly in-person classes and activities.  While there are still some limitations, you can use the campus reservation link to reserve space and plan events. Work with CES and your Student Involvement Advisor to talk about what we are able to support at this time, and that you are working within the guidelines of the campus and county.

What are ways that Student Involvement can help us this spring?
  • Provide high-quality advisors to guide you and answer questions, as you get your organization back in action.

  • Help you to manage the current guidelines for meetings/events/activities

  • Provide club fairs and advise on other ways you can build up your membership now that we are back.

  • As always, continue to send out tips and guidelines for club leadership weekly, meet one:one, and in person with club leadership and provide guidance as needed, on how to navigate the university in regards to all functions of club management.