Recognition Paperwork and Important Student Org Documents

1: Please Download the appropriate Recognition Packet for your student organization:

  1. New Student Org Recognition Packet: Please select this packet if you are Starting a New Organization on Campus. 

  2. Existing Student Org Recognition Packet: Please select this packet if you are completing the annual Recognition for an organization that already is or has been active on Campus. 

  3. Change of Leadership Packet: Please select this packet if you have already completed your annual Recognition Process for this year, however you have since changed your President, Treasurer, or any other Authorized Signer for your organization. 

2: To access the training sessions, you must be signed in to GetInvolved@SSU. Steps to complete in order to be fully recognized: 

  • President Training

  • Treasurer Training

  • Advisor Training

  • Get Involved Page Registered with constitution attached.

  • Trust Form completed (Once your President, Treasurer, and Advisor trainings are complete, the trust form will be sent electronically).

If you have questions about the recognition process you can email or schedule a meeting with the appropriate Student Involvement Advisor. Contact us for more information.