How to Join a Fraternity or Sorority

The beginning of each semester is a time for you to learn about the different fraternities and sororities at Sonoma State University! There will be many events to learn about the overall community, however, how each council recruits differently and is unique to each council and chapter.


Recruitment is the growth process for the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council (PHC).

IFC holds pre-recruitment information nights where potential new members (PNM’s) can learn about IFC, the chapters at Sonoma State, and mingle with other PNM’s. IFC Chapters will do tabling at the beginning of each semester to recruit for their individual chapters, and host recruitment events during “Rush Week”. Rush Week lasts 6 days and is kicked off with “IFC Orientation”, and will conclude with “IFC Bid Day”. PNM’s must register for recruitment before they can receive an official bid from a chapter.

Panhellenic also holds pre-recruitment information nights, and as well as each chapter tabling prior to recruitment. Panhellenic holds Chapter Tours the Sunday prior to Formal recruitment, this is an opportunity for the PNM’s to visit the 6 national affiliated chapters to become more familiar with each chapter.  Panhellenic kicks off formal recruitment with “All About Recruitment” the Thursday of formal recruitment weekend. Formal recruitment begins on Friday and goes through Sunday, ending with Bid Day Sunday evening.

Our 2 local Panhellenic affiliated sororities do participate in recruitment; however, they do not participate in the formal Panhellenic recruitment weekend. They too will hold tabling and recruitment events after formal Panhellenic recruitment has concluded.

By participating in recruitment, you are taking the first step toward an active and enriching experience as a fraternity or sorority member. There are many opportunities for PNM’s to visit each of our 6 nationally affiliated fraternities, as well as our 6 nationally affiliated sororities, and 2 local affiliated sororities, meet hundreds of peers and get acquainted with our campus.

In order to participate in recruitment each student must be in good academic and conduct standings with the university, be enrolled in at least 12 units, and have a 2.5 GPA.

Membership Intake:

Membership intake is the recruitment process conducted by Sonoma State’s Multicultural Sorority and Fraternity Council (MSFC). Currently, there are 6 Multicultural Chapters, consisting of 2 fraternities, and 4 sororities under MSFC. MSFC fraternities and sororities represented on campus will present information about their individual chapters for prospective members by tabling at the beginning of the semester and the MSFC council will host the “MSFC Grand Tour” where all the chapters in the MSFC council come together for one big informational night.

Not all MSFC chapters take in new members at the same time and have unique processes tailored to their individual organizations, however, each chapter is highlighted at the beginning of the school year.

MSFC chapters embrace a lifetime-commitment philosophy and aim to assure the continuance of academic achievement, political awareness, and community service.  We strongly encourage those interested in the Membership Intake process to attend the events sponsored by MSFC.