Save A Seawolf: A Better High w/ Matt Bellace

The Fentanyl Crisis in Sonoma County and across the country has gotten worse and it is incredibly concerning given the amount of cases we hear about daily in Sonoma County , the Bay area or across the country. While we would like to think our campus and community are free from these horrors, they are not. Join us in March as we kick off our Save A Seawolf: Fentanyl and Other Drug Awareness Month. We will hear from Michele Leopold whose son Trevor’s life was cut short from an overdose right here at SSU. We will also hear from experts in the county and campus about these potent and easily available drugs, as well as from law enforcement and the health center about getting trained and accessing Narcan so we can all be better prepared to Save a Seawolf should we need to.  Educate yourself, and bring your friends to these important programs.

This informative and humorous presentation focuses on natural highs and creating healthy habits in college.  Matt’s comedic style, interactive demonstrations and inspirational stories are an ideal combination for college audiences.  In addition, current research on resilience, mental health and substance abuse are integrated into the program.  Matt also shares his story of college prevention leadership, as the founder of a nationally recognized student group at Bucknell University. For more information, contact


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Student Center Ballroom B
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