SeawolvesLead: Connect. Educate. Empower.

The Office of Student Involvement offers a variety of leadership opportunities for students throughout the academic year. Each opportunity provides Sonoma State students with skills to develop their individual and organizational leadership. In line with the Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan, the purpose of all SeawolvesLead programming is to prepare the next generation of leaders by providing students with opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills needed to build a better society both locally and globally. SeawolvesLead empowers students to gain the leadership skills needed to bring innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st Century while providing opportunities for leadership development, mentoring, and both personal and professional growth.

SeawolvesLead Fall 2020 Virtual Programming Update 

For the Fall 2020 semester, Student Involvement will be partnering with Sonoma State Alumni to provide a series of virtual leadership engagement experiences for students. We are planning for six collaborative virtual programs centered around the topics below:

  1. Civic Responsibility, Government, and Leadership 

  2. Seawolves in the Wild: From Student Leader to the Real World 

  3. Identity, Social Justice, and Intersectional Leadership 

  4. Leading Up: Navigating Leadership as a Young Professional 

  5. Leadership in Education 

  6. Leadership in Crisis

Each program will last approximately 1-2 hours and will allow students to connect live with peers, alumni, and SSU Faculty and Staff. Programs will range from panels, webinar lectures, facilitated discussions, virtual presentations, and more. We will be updating our event times and registration information for this program as soon as possible. If you have any further questions about SeawolvesLead please do not hesitate to email Mo Phillips at Connect with us on Instagram to stay up to date on SeawolvesLead programming updates, leadership opportunities, and information about how to get involved at SSU. 


Why should I get involved in SeawolvesLead?

  • Build Community and Connection with Sonoma State leaders from the past present and future. 

  • Develop into Ethical, Positive, Caring Leaders in a time when society needs it the most. 

  • Develop Critical Career Competencies that will prepare you for a successful job search.

  • Pursue your Passions and lead something that you love.  

  • Make a Difference in the lives of others on campus, in our community, and in our global society. 

What will I learn about Leadership?

  • Understand your leadership identity. Who are you as a leader and change-maker?

  • Develop your leadership capacity. What are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable you to lead and create change?

  • Build your leadership self-efficacy. How do I gain confidence in my ability to lead change


“Sonoma State Leaders are agents of change that continuously strive to embody the Seawolf Commitment by advocating for equality and holistic development through an inclusive and multidimensional lens.“