Spirit Weeks

Come join us in the Student Center Ballroom A for some Pizza and for the comedy of Chris James! Chris James began following his dream of doing stand-up comedy after a successful career as a fashion model. Chris’ charming style of comedy includes stories, impressions and characters. He’s appeared on VH1, FOX, and HBO. Chris recently finished shooting the feature film Obamaland in which he stars as the title character, Barack Obama. His comedy special and one-man show performances led to sold-out shows in New York City.

Since launching onto the national spoken word scene by appearing on the last two seasons of HBO’s Russell Simmons’ presents Def Poetry Jam, Dahlak has showcased his seamless blend of hip-hop, theatre, and spoken word at over 100 universities throughout the United States and Europe, SXSW, Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Smithsonian, Ars Nova, and Off-Broadway on Theatre Row, NYC. Contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu for more info.

Join world famous mentalist duo Jeff & Tessa Evason for mind- blowing feats of telepathy and ESP that’ll have you buzzing long after the show ends. Everyone who participates will be absolutely floored when Tessa reveals their birth date, a serial number on any bill in their wallet or even the name of the first person they ever kissed—all while standing blindfolded on stage. Her intuitive gifts will make you gasp with surprise and maybe even unleash a spooked-out shriek! FREE Get there early. The ballroom will fill up quickly!

On this scavenger hunt, you’ll work together with your team to explore the SSU campus, find clues and campus hotspots, maybe find an instant win prize, or even your class buildings!   If you have not been around campus yet, this is a great way to meet new people, see the campus sites, learn a little SSU Trivia and maybe win a prize or two. Contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu for more info.

Think you’ve seen it a million times, and you could sing all the songs by now! Well, bring it! We welcome your singing along to this sing-along version of the film! Orphaned, penniless, but ambitious and with a mind crammed with imagination and fresh ideas, the American entertainer, Phineas Taylor Barnum, will always be remembered as the man with the gift to blur the line between reality and fiction.

Research shows that finding spaces where students can create a spiritual support network is very important, especially in times of transition. With this fair we hope to help our students find those churches, synagogues, mosques etc.. where they can find or practice their beliefs. This is an occasion for all faiths, denominations, and places of spiritual practice to show SSU what opportunities are available on campus and in the surrounding communities. For more information, contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu

Do I have to throw everything out in the refrigerator if we have a power outage? What should I have in a go bag in case we get evacuated? What does shelter in place mean and why would the university tell us to shelter in place? How can I stop a friend from making a really bad decision at this party? As you make this transition to SSU for the first year, or are a returning Seawolf, you know that there are times where you will be faced with some challenges and decisions on how best to take care of yourself in your new environment.

Come meet some of the people, departments, and programs that are here to help your academic success at SSU. This event is for new and returning students as well as declared or undeclared students! There is something for everyone! Learn about majors, meet department staff and student services advisers that are set up to help you succeed! For more information, contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu


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